The Project SoIL Report

We’re church planters, and our friends and family love us. The feeling’s mutual, so we try to keep them up-to-date on what God is doing in and through us. So, we produce a (roughly) monthly “SoIL report” as a way of sharing updates, prayer requests, exciting ways we’ve seen God move, etc.

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Archive of Past SoIL Reports

Episode 8: Voices

April 2022

Read updates and prayer requests from the team, each in their own individual voices. Learn what God is doing in our midst as we enter 2022.

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Episode 7: Waiting

December 2021

Read about “the 243 plan” and what God is doing while we wait on Him in this season. Pray with us as we look forward to the year to come together.

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Episode 6: Lessons Learned

November 2021

Read about the transitions and new season of patient trusting into which the Lord has led us, and pray with us as we wait on Him.

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Episode 5: Love One Another

August 2021

Read about the amazing (and unexpected) things God’s been doing in and through us in 2021, and join us in prayer for the future.

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Episode 4: Life Together

December 2020

Plug in to the mission of our church, see our new branding, and a quick review of what we’ve been up to this fall and winter.

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Episode 3: Restoration

June 2020

Meet the Andersens, read about our focus on restoration and renewal, and get an update on the last few months.

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Episode 2: Partnership in the Gospel

February 2020

Meet some of the Project SoIL team, and learn a little more about why we’re doing what we’re doing.

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Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

January 2020

God has called us to plant a home church network in St. Louis Metro East. That’s the Illinois side of the St. Louis area, for all you non-locals.

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