Christmas Cookies, Caroling and Community

I’ve been dreaming about it since we first felt called to plant a church. I can’t even really explain why. But now that we’ve done it for the first time, I’m more convinced than ever that this is going to be an annual thing. I’d like us to be known for it in our community.Continue reading “Christmas Cookies, Caroling and Community”

Where should we plant our neighborhood church?

We are moving to Southern Illinois five weeks from today. Only five weeks! I can’t tell you how excited we are. We’ve already shared that the Lord has led us to plant a network of house churches. Our focus is on the proclamation of the gospel, discipleship, hospitality and reconciliation in the neighborhoods. At someContinue reading “Where should we plant our neighborhood church?”

COVID-19, our house church, and the table of the Lord

Everything is shutting down. Here in Illinois, public restaurants are closing seating areas tomorrow. All manner of other public places have been closed for several days. And school’s out for both my son (high school) and me (grad school) … I suspect for the rest of the semester. And Saturday morning early the announcement came:Continue reading “COVID-19, our house church, and the table of the Lord”